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Other CMS Platforms

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Safeguarding Everything Else with Other CMS Platforms

Need we say it again? One size never fits all (Our writer asked us to stop requesting this, but we can’t help it).

What other CMS Platforms are there? Why are they important?

Our custom web design and HTML services ensure your website is proprietary and secure because we build them on strong foundations. Foundations like WordPress. However, WordPress isn’t the only one. There’s more that we trust, and they allow us—And you—to do things others simply can’t.

These are the other CMS Platforms we trust:

And they all do different things.

The Platforms in a Nutshell

What you have to say is important. Your product will improve lives. Your business is as unique as you are. With these in mind, we want to assure you there’s always a way to say what you need to say, sell what you need to sell, and do what only you can do.

  • E-commerce Focus: Adobe Commerce and Shopify are CMS platforms with an emphasis on e-commerce. Through them, we can provide features and functionalities designed solely to support online selling. You have features like product catalogs, cart functionality, payment gateways, and inventory management.
  • Content Management and Marketing: Kentico, Sitecore, and HubSpot offer solutions that combine content management with marketing features. Through them, we can provide tools for creating, organizing, and publishing your content. This includes automation capabilities, customer segmentation, and analytics for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Open-Source Nature: Joomla and Drupal are both open-source CMS platforms with large and active communities. Through them, we can offer extensive customization options, numerous plugins and extensions, and a collaborative ecosystem that encourages community-driven development and support.
  • Design Flexibility: Webflow stands out as a visual CMS that allows designers to create websites without coding. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, advanced design features, and the ability to create highly customizable and responsive websites. With it, we can you into a coder. You’d be in control.

That was a lot of words… We’re sorry.

All to say where there’s a will there’s a way, and we know a lot of ways

Let’s do Something Together

Considering CMS platforms that are outside of the norm is worth it. It allows you to discover diverse features and capabilities with immense scalability that always align with your business’s needs. By exploring other platforms, you can choose the one that best serves your needs in terms of e-commerce, content management, marketing automation, or design flexibility.

Most of all, you’re not alone.

Working with someone (That’s us) who understands these CMS platforms is crucial because they (Also us) possess the technical expertise to implement and customize them.

At LeftLane Media, we know each of the platforms’ best practices and capabilities and can optimize them according to your specific needs. We’ll ensure proper setup, seamless integration, and ongoing support, guaranteeing a well-optimized, secure, and scalable website that meets your business objectives.

We’ve said what we wanted to say. Now it’s your turn!