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About Us

About Us

About Us

Woah, you made it to our About Page! Good on you. You’re clearly an individual who understands that failing to plan is planning to fail. And yes, you should know everything you can about the web company you might work with. However, we’ll spare you the purpose statement, the company mission, and all that other generic stuff too. It’s all the same, isn’t it? From one web company to the next?

So, we’ll keep it simple and just say we eat, drink, and breathe websites—Not that those things are physically possible, but you get the picture. LeftLane Media Solutions wasn’t founded on any fancy principle or higher calling to bring websites to the world. No, it was founded on the down-and-dirty need of one man to provide for his family.

In 1999, Rob Smither put his nose to the grindstone. In the office today, we joke he worked so hard his body learned to function without sleep (Legend has it he still hasn’t slept to this day). It was rough at first, but he caught on. He adapted and learned. He gave his family the life they deserved. Then he started giving other people the same chance. He started hiring, and things took off from there.

Working at LeftLane Media Solutions means getting to be a part of something bigger. It means being able to advance our careers and take care of our families too. Now, working with LeftLane Media Solutions? Well, that’s something else.

There are thousands of web companies in Orange County alone. And sure, they might have the expertise and experience to give you what you want, but do they have the drive to give your business what it deserves? We do. Working with LeftLane means being a part of a family of designers, developers, writers, and marketers who understand what’s important.

Still not convinced? That’s okay. Mind looking at our portfolio?